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We’re currently offering a 30% commission of the first month’s SEO service for every qualified referral that you send to us. So for example if you sent us a client that pays $5,000/month for SEO, we would send you a $1,500 one-time referral payment.

Our services are best suited for the following industries:

Professional Services: Lawyers, doctors, dentists, accounting firms etc.
Technical Services: Website design, computer repair, tutoring etc.
Construction: Pool construction, roofing, concrete slab etc.
Trades: Plumbing, pest control, electrician, drywall etc.
Tourism: Bed and Breakfast, tourist destination / point of interest

Essentially, any business that heavily relies on local commerce with customers that spend more money (for example, a taco shack that sells $3 tacos would not be a good match for SEO)

Every client is different and is priced according to:

Two main factors drive how we price our services:

1. Difficulty to rank (determined by existing competition)
2. The incremental business we’ll be able to generate based off keyword search volume and how much a business earns on average per customer.

For example most dentists will end up in a range of $3,000-$6,000/month for SEO, and we would work with them for a minimum of 9-12 months to start.

The minimum monthly budget for a client to work with us is $1,000.

Our On-boarding Process and Goodwill Offer:

If a prospective client is interested in SEO services and receiving an estimate and/or discovering the economic viability of getting SEO done, we offer a free website analysis and full-blown strategy session.

Prospects fill out the form here:

Then, within 24-48 hours we follow up via email with a custom video analysis of their current website rankings including: an analysis of their top 2-3 competitors, the keyword traffic available to be taken in their geography, and a full financial projection of expected revenues based on their business model and research findings.

We then schedule a separate time to meet via phone and answer client questions and concerns, go over the ‘game plan’, and address payment terms and agreements moving forward.

We don’t do long-term contracts, but we ask clients to allow 6-9 months minimum for us to generate the desired results.

If you have a prospective client that's not sure or has been burned on SEO before and has some trust issue, we're happy to schedule a meet and greet call where you introduce us to your client.

If you have any questions about our services, pricing, or process please ask us so that we can clarify! Just send me an email at


Avram Gonzales
Owner: The Boulder SEO Expert
p: (720) 441-2619